Job Title: Office Manager 


An associate diploma in office management or administrative field with one years' experience, or a high school diploma with at least five years' of experience in the same field.

General Responsibilities:

The incumbent will be responsible chiefly to the President and the C.F.O., and to a limited extent the Assistant Director, Administration. On a weekly basis, he/she will meet with the President, to communicate his/her accomplishments for the previous week, verbally and documentation-wise.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Overseeing applications for employment of prospective applicants with the agency, including ensuring all the required processes and submission of documents are completed, in compliance with DHS regulation.
2. Administration of TABE Tests on prospective applicants to assure compliance with DHS regulations.
3. Administration of OIG Rule 50 test to prospective applicants to ensure compliance with DHS regulations.
4. Coordinating all the required trainings for prospective applicants to ensure compliance with DHS regulations.
5. Administrative responsibility for ensuring agency compliance with DHS regulations pertaining to the administrative instruments of Title 59, Rule 115, and Rule 116.
6. Responsibility for ensuring all the stipulated DHS requirements as to hiring and training are met in all its entirety, to prevent unnecessary citations that could cause the agency to lose its certification, accreditation, and licensure, as far as DHS administrative instruments are concerned.
7. Ensuring all ISPs, Staffing Minutes, and Semi-Annuals completed on all individuals receiving services are typed, scanned, and signed by the QIDP, and inserted in each individual chart by obtaining signatures from Team Leaders and SRS as proof of their reception.
8. Ensuring all QIDP Monthly Reports are submitted to the Assistant Director Administration, who in turn will approve them if the required standards are met, return them to the QIDP for signature, thereafter scanned, and finally turned over to the respective Team Leaders and SRS, with their signatures attesting to reception of the same prior to their insertion in individual charts at the respective sites.
9. Enrolling of employees who have successfully completed agency training and in paid-status on the DSP registry, in compliance with DHS regulations.
10. Coordinating training for all staff and independent contractors to ensure compliance with DHS regulations, including administrative employees.
11. Ensuring proper accountability and orderliness for the filing System in the administrative office, especially in matters pertaining to employees, independent contractors, administrative policies and procedures, monetary and fiscal matters.
12. Assisting the Assistant Director Administration as regarding administrative and office management duties.
13. Performing any other duties as assigned.

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