Job Title: Team Leader, Dubois Douglas Centres

A Bachelor’s degree in the Behavioral Sciences with at least one year’s experience in the field. A high school diploma with at least three year’s of experience in the field.
General Responsibilities: Day to day running of his/ her site with responsibilities to the Executive Director in administrative matters , and the President as relating to clinical or programming matters.

Specific Responsibilities
1.Coordination of residential service reports to DMHDD
2.Supervise residential supervisors, as well as coordinating the utilization of professional and consultative services at their sites
3.Assure his/her site meets environmental standards as stipulated by the department
4.Advocate for clients rights and services
5.Facilitate individual linkage and transfer
6.Consult with the psychiatrist and nurse regarding medication issues on a monthly basis
7.Be available on a 24hr basis to tend to emergencies
8.Be responsible for hiring, scheduling, terminating and supervising DDC’s residential staff in coordination with the Administrative Department
9.Be responsible for coordinating training programs and other DDC programs
10.Responsible for annual employee reviews for residential programs and other DDC programs
11.Supervision of full –time and part-time staff, including performance evaluations in consultation with the President
12.Coordination of staff training in consultation with the Administrative Department
13.Maintaining and developing professional skills through in-service program, outside course-work and self study
14.Management of household budget, maintenance of equipment and appliances, and general housekeeping responsibilities
15.Inventory and control at their sites
16.Provide direct service in the natural environment or in other facilities, such as state- operated facilities, convalescent care facilities, community hospitals or rehabilitation facilities when the facilities permit
17.Be responsible for providing or helping individuals to access the services specified in their plans
18.Be available to respond to an individual’s needs on a 24 hr basis
19.Modify the services plan based on on-going assessment and recommendations
20.Advocating on behalf on individuals
21.Providing informational, educational, and advocacy services to family members
22.Assisting individuals to select , obtain, and maintain CILAs which afford safety and basic comforts
23.Participating with other direct service staff during stays in other environments such as state operated facilities, convalescent care facilities, community hospitals or rehabilitation facilities, continuing in – facility contacts, participating in service plan development and the on-going interdisciplinary process, providing on-going living arrangement during these times such as paying the rent and utilities
24.Developing natural community supports, fostering relationships with non – paid persons in the community, e.g. neighbors, volunteers and landlords
25.Providing personal support and assistant in gaining access to vocational training, educational services, legal services, employment opportunities and leisure, recreation, religion and social activities
26.Providing assistance in obtaining health and dental services, mental health treatment and rehabilitation services(including physical therapy and occupational therapy) and substance abuse services
27.Providing supportive counseling and problem solving assistance on an on-going basis and at time of crisis
28.Assisting individuals with activities of daily living through skill training and acquisition of assistive devices
29.Accessing medication information including observing and reporting effects and side effects of prescribed medications
30.Accessing and providing training to obtain emergency medical services including state operated facility services
31.Providing assistance in money management, including representative payeeship, and applying for financial entitlements including assisting individuals to access Department of rehabilitations home services program (89 III Admin Code Chapter IV, Subchapter d)
32.Assisting individuals to access transportation

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